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smart suki

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  • Make your key smart

    The smart suki is simply placed on the inside of the existing key and secured. Done.

  • Easiest operation

    The smart suki is controlled via a mobile phone app or a hidden button directly in the middle of the product.

  • Battery inside

    The smart suki's integrated battery opens your door up to 1,500 times before it needs to be recharged.

  • Intelligent charging cable

    Thanks to the intelligent charging cable, the smart suki can be operated perfectly even while charging.

  • Always app up to date

    The smart suki can be managed intuitively using the associated sorex smartlock app and functions can be expanded using accessories.

Entry into the world of smart home
The new smart suki is the easiest way to discover the world of the smart home. No cylinder or door replacement, no extensive tools or drilling. The smart suki is placed on your existing key and secured with 4 screws (screwdriver is included). It is therefore perfect as a low-cost retrofit solution, which is also environmentally friendly, as existing resources are reused. The door can be opened from the outside using a mobile phone app. On the inside, the smart suki can be operated by physically turning it or by pressing the hidden button in the middle. We also offer extensive accessories that greatly expand the functions of the smart suki.

Discover the smart suki - a motor that is placed on your existing key and can be controlled either via the mobile phone app or by pressing a button directly on the smart suki to turn your key for you. It is easy to set up using the associated mobile phone app, which you can also use to connect extensive accessories to expand the functionality. Easily manage rights and access via the app. A low battery level is indicated either by a red light ring on the product itself or in the mobile phone app. The smart suki can also be easily operated while charging using the intelligent charging cable (included).
For safety reasons, we recommend installing the smart suki only on doors with emergency and hazard locks (these can also be locked from the outside with a key).

Simply attach it to your interior door over the existing profile cylinder. To do this, insert your key into the cylinder from the inside and place the smart suki on the key. It is attached to the side of the product with just 4 small screws. If you move, it can be easily removed and leaves no traces.
For safety reasons, we recommend installing the smart suki only on doors with emergency and hazard locks (these can also be locked from the outside with a key).

Will it fit my door?
The smart suki can be easily mounted on profile cylinders. The smart suki is mounted on the inside of the door on the key itself and is suitable for profile cylinders. The profile cylinder must protrude between 3 - 4.5 mm from the door leaf or rosette. We will be happy to provide you with adapters free of charge on request for mounting on oval or round profile cylinders.

With protection class IP44, the smart suki offers sufficient protection against the ingress of foreign bodies and splash water. This protection class means that the product is sufficiently protected to be used in environments where it could come into contact with splash water, such as outdoors or in damp rooms. This ensures that the electronic components function reliably even under adverse conditions and long-term use is guaranteed. However, we recommend only installing smart suki indoors.

More flexibility with the sorex netGateway
With the sorex netGateway you can conveniently open and manage your door remotely using the app. It is installed near the door lock. It can be managed using the sorex smartlock app.

Alarm system through door sensor
Thanks to the sorex door sensor, your cylinder becomes a reliable alarm system. An app sends a notification to your cell phone if the door is not locked. The door sensor is managed via the sorex smartlock app. The sorex netGateway is required for this.

Convenient access via remote door opener
With the remote door opener you can open your door at the touch of a button from a range of up to ~10 meters using Bluetooth technology. The remote control is managed in the sorex smartlock app.

Code pad for even more freedom
The battery-operated code pad expands the opening functions using fixed or randomly generated numerical codes. This means that the door can also be opened from the outside using a code.

Item number KTSUK10000
EAN 0093149094092
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power supply Type-C USB
Power supply DC5V/500mA
IP protection class IP44
Battery life approx. 4 - 6 months
Dimensions 64x48.5 [mm]

smart suki key wrench, cover ring, USB cable Type-C, screwdriver