smart cylinder fingerprint

smart cylinder fingerprint

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  • Lockout excluded

    A draft of air and the door slams shut. With a smart door cylinder, locking yourself out is now a thing of the past.

  • Enjoy smart door technology

    Open the door easily using a mobile app, fingerprint, card or chip and manage everything via the app.

  • Always app up to date

    Our app makes your everyday life easier: create access at the touch of a button, limit it by time and much more.

  • Your door in view

    Thanks to the log function in the app, you can see when the door is opened and know who had access to your four walls.

  • Maximize freedom with accessories

    Open the door without touching the cylinder? Or with a code? This is easily possible with our accessories.

Smart cylinder for external doors with roof
Smart cylinder for easy retrofitting of external doors with an external dimension of 35 - 63 mm and an internal dimension of 35 - 63 mm. Thanks to the integrated extension option, this cylinder can be perfectly adapted to the door (in 5 mm increments) and integrates 5 different opening options in one product. The functions of the mobile app perfectly complement the possibilities of the smart access solution.

The smart cylinder fingerprint is powered by a battery, which is included in the delivery. A replacement battery can be purchased from our web shop. The smart cylinder is operated via a mobile phone app. With this you can create an unlimited number of electronic keys and manage them at the touch of a button. The battery status is also displayed in the app. This smart cylinder can also be opened using an emergency key.

Opening options
The smart cylinder fingerprint is smart and can be opened from the immediate vicinity using a mobile phone app or electronic key via mobile phone app (eKeys), fingerprint, key fob or chips (RFID technology). It also has an emergency key, making it one of our products with the most opening options.

Ultimate solution for private and professional requirements
The smart cylinder fingerprint is suitable for both private and professional use due to its options and is a true all-rounder that combines a total of 5 opening options (mobile phone app, eKey, fingerprint, RFID media and emergency key) in one product. The number of opening media is also impressive, as it includes 1000 RFID media (chips or tags, no key cards) and an additional 100 fingerprints. The functions of the mobile phone app perfectly complement the product and the needs of companies with up to 1000 employees.

Professional help is not required. Even with little technical knowledge, you can easily install our products yourself. Thanks to our user-friendly instructions and high-quality materials, installation is completed in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, our customer service team will be happy to help you.

Will it fit my door?
We strongly recommend that you measure your door before purchasing to ensure that you order the correct cylinder length. To do this, open the door and measure on the inside of the door from the door lock to the inside edge of the door or outside edge of the door.

With protection class IP44, the smart cylinder fingerprint offers solid protection against the ingress of foreign bodies and splash water. This protection class means that the cylinder is sufficiently protected to be used in environments where it could come into contact with splash water, such as outdoors or in damp rooms. This ensures that the cylinder's electronic components function reliably even under adverse conditions and long-term use is guaranteed. However, we recommend only installing the cylinder under canopies or roofs.

More flexibility with the sorex netGateway
With the sorex netGateway you can conveniently open and manage your door remotely using the app. It is installed near the door lock. It can be managed using the sorex smartlock app.

Convenient access via remote door opener
With the remote door opener you can open your door at the touch of a button from a range of up to ~10 meters using Bluetooth technology. The remote control is managed in the sorex smartlock app.

code pad for even more freedom
The battery-operated code pad expands the opening functions using fixed or randomly generated numerical codes. This means that the door can also be opened from the outside using a code.

RFID writer
The smart WiFi card programming device enables the creation of RFID media via the PC. The device only needs to be connected to the PC via USB. Of course, sorex also offers RFID chips or key chains for the smart cylinder fingerprint.

Alarm system through door sensor
Thanks to the sorex door sensor, your cylinder becomes a reliable alarm system. An app sends a notification to your cell phone if the door is not locked. The door sensor is managed via the sorex smartlock app. The sorex netGateway is required for this.

item number MD406000
EAN 0096224847378
frequency 2.4GHz
IP protection class IP44
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C
Power supply 1x 3V 1⁄2 AA battery
lifespan ~ 4 - 6 months
Length options Outside 35 - 63mm / Inside 35 - 63mm
infinitely adjustable
Number of media 1000 RFID media
100 fingerprints
unlimited eKeys
Humidity range 10%-90%
Storage of access media Permanent (even when changing batteries)
Dimensions Article width: outside knob 39 mm
Inside knob 30 mm
Item length: outside knob 51 mm
Inside knob 38 mm
Minimum length 163 mm
Maximum length 182 mm
Item height: outside knob 35 mm
Inside knob 30 mm
Weight Total item weight: 901 g
Net item weight: 630 g

sorex smart cylinder fingerprint, 2x emergency keys, 1x Allen key for adjusting the cylinder length on the inside, 1x 1/2 AA battery, 2x covers for PZ hole