smart unilock+

smart unilock+

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  • Leaves no wish unfulfilled

    Smart door lock, ringtone function, intercom including video camera with night vision function. What more could you want?

  • Opening from a distance

    The smart unilock+ has built-in WiFi. This means that the door can also be opened remotely using a mobile phone app.

  • Bluetooth included

    The initial setup can therefore easily be done without WiFi, as WiFi is often only available later.

  • Convenient access for different doors

    For convenient control of revolving doors, door openers, gates and barriers.

  • Intuitive access control via app

    Our app makes your everyday life easier: create access at the touch of a button, limit it by time and much more.

Unlimited application possibilities
Large office or residential complex, holiday home, hotel or your own home - the smart unilock+ is versatile and offers numerous functions that make everyday life easier. Thanks to integrated WiFi, you can also open and close your door remotely. The camera with night vision function and integrated intercom system offers unlimited possibilities for monitoring and communication.
With its open API, the smart unilock+ can be integrated into existing building technology with minimal programming effort. It is also fully compatible with the TT Hotel software, which enables seamless integration into existing systems. This comprehensive solution significantly improves security, efficiency and flexibility in both private and business environments.

More than a smart key
The new smart unilock+ redefines access solutions. With an embedded doorbell, video camera and intercom, it is the perfect solution. Thanks to integrated WiFi, the ringing of the doorbell is forwarded to the cell phone via video call. Extensive opening technologies and high AES 128-bit encryption make it an all-rounder.

Opening options
In addition to an intercom with ringing function, this smart key pad includes up to 4 different opening options. These include opening via mobile app, fingerprint, code or RFID technology. Even in the event of a power failure, the entered data remains saved and does not need to be entered again.

Safety is a top priority
The smart unilock+ has been specially developed to ensure the highest level of security. The external relay unit, which is coupled with the key pad, as well as the AES 128-bit encryption offer comprehensive sabotage protection and security. In addition, we strongly recommend that you install it in such a way that the external relay unit is not accessible from the outside. This prevents the exchange of the two relay units from opening the door and increases the security of your smart unilock+ system.

The included and pre-attached 3M adhesive strips (type 5604A) enable easy installation of the smart unilock+. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the initial setup can also be carried out without WiFi. This is usually only available at a later date on construction sites and would therefore pose a problem. In addition, we also offer ready-made Y-cables in our accessories, which make wiring even easier. In any case, we strongly recommend hiring a professional due to the wiring and integration into the door leaf or wall.

Alarm system through door sensor
Thanks to the sorex door sensor, your cylinder becomes a reliable alarm system. An app sends a notification to your cell phone if the door is not locked. The door sensor is managed via the sorex smartlock app.

Convenient access via remote door opener
With the remote door opener you can open your door at the touch of a button from a range of up to ~10 meters using Bluetooth technology. The remote control is managed in the sorex smartlock app.

RFID Writer
The smart WiFi card programming device enables the creation of RFID media via the PC. The device only needs to be connected to the PC via USB. Of course, sorex also offers RFID chips or key chains for your door handle.

Y-cable for easier wiring
The specially developed Y-cable for GU, ROTO, WINKHAUS and MAKO motor locks shortens the installation time immensely and enables error-free cabling.

Item number WRUNI31111
EAN 0093149093859
Special feature external relay cable (indoor unit) for sabotage protection,
integrated WiFi, intercom, camera
Encryption indoor and outdoor unit AES 128Bit
Frequency 2.4GHz
IP protection class IP66 (if waterproof glued)
Temperature range -30° to 60°C
Power supply 12/24V DC, min 0.5A
Effective power consumption in idle mode 3.31mA / 12V DC
Relay 1A/250V switching current/switching voltage
Compatibility With all common motor locks (KFV, ROTO, GU, Fuhr, Wilka, Dom, ...)
Storage of access media Permanent (even when changing batteries)
Number of media 100 fingerprints
150 number codes
1000 RFID media
unlimited eKeys
Size Article width: 55.7 mm
Item length: 132.4 mm
Item height: 20.4 mm

Unilock outdoor unit, Unilock indoor/relay unit and pluggable screw terminal for connection to electric door opener and power supply, connection cable between outdoor and indoor unit, (optional) 3m extension cable