senso talk white

senso talk white

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  • Bewegungssensor

    Senso Talk erkennt jede Bewegung vor Ihrer Tür. Bei erkannten Aktivitäten werden Sie sofort benachrichtigt.

  • Einfache Montage

    Die magnetische Wandhalterung garantiert eine schnelle Montage ermöglicht. Dank Akku, entfällt die Verkabelung.

  • Live Video via App

    Klingelt jemand an der Tür, erhält man einen Anruf der Türsprechanlage auf das Handy.

  • Automatische Aufnahmespeicherung

    Dank automatischer Speicherung der Daten (SD oder Cloud) können Sie jederzeit auf wichtige Videoaufzeichnungen zugreifen.

  • Flexibilität dank Batterie

    Dies ermöglicht eine Platzierung selbst an Orten ohne Stromanschluss. Der langlebige Akku sorgt für die Funktion.

The Senso Talk door intercom brings modern technology directly to your front door and offers a variety of benefits that make your home safer and more comfortable.

Thanks to the integrated motion sensor, you will be notified immediately when someone approaches your door. This increases security by always keeping you informed of who is in front of your house. Motion detection ensures that you do not miss any important events.

Installing the Senso Talk door intercom is quick and easy. It does not require any complicated wiring and can easily be done by yourself. The included mounting material and simple instructions guarantee stress-free installation.

The battery-operated door intercom system allows flexible placement and use, even in places without a power connection. The powerful, integrated battery ensures reliable and long-lasting operation, so you don't have to worry about a constant power supply.

All recordings are automatically saved, either on an SD card or in the cloud. This feature ensures that you can access important video recordings at any time, whether locally or online. Your data is always safe and easily accessible.

See who is ringing the doorbell while you are out and about, or simply check whether the storm you have just predicted is already raging outside your front door - all of this is easily possible with the Senso Talk door intercom system. With the wide-angle shot and HD image quality, you always have everything in view.

Any number of registered users can access a live video at any time using the associated app for Android and iOS. If someone rings the doorbell, you will receive a call from the door intercom on your cell phone. This way you are always informed, no matter where you are.

Experience the perfect addition to your smart home right in the entrance area with the Senso Talk door intercom system. Security, convenience and flexibility combined in one innovative product.

Item number TS401020
EAN 0098925416808
Power supply 2x18650 battery
Resolution 1280*720 (720p)
Dimensions Article width: intercom 60mm, doorbell 60mm
Item length: intercom 124mm, doorbell 60mm
Item height: intercom 29mm, doorbell 30mm (top) - 23mm (bottom)
Weight Net item weight: intercom 257g, doorbell 73g

Senso Talk door intercom & mounting plate
2x NCR18650BD battery
Double-sided adhesive tape
Charging cable (micro USB)
4x dowels for wall mounting
4x screws for wall mounting