smart handle max silver

smart handle max silver

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  • Interior areas smartly secured

    Whether for meeting or fitness rooms or other sensitive areas – secure your interior spaces smartly.

  • More freedom with smart features

    Whether via mobile app, fingerprint, code or RFID card or chip. The choice is yours.

  • Always app up to date

    Get full control with the app! Easily manage users, rights and protocols, without limits.

  • All information in one app

    Get full control with the app! Easily manage users, rights and protocols, without limits.

  • Extended freedom with accessories

    Door opening from a distance or via remote control as well as alarm system function.

Smart door handle with 4 different opening mechanisms
The smart handle max is the ideal solution for securing interior doors in small businesses and private households - without the need for a physical key. This battery-operated door handle offers a variety of opening options and combines easy installation with convenient smartphone operation.
The smart handle max door handle offers a secure, flexible and user-friendly solution for access control in companies or private environments.

The smart handle max door handle is a battery-operated smart door handle that is managed via an app. In addition to the access authorizations, which can be set up temporarily or permanently, the app also displays the battery charge status and informs you in good time when a battery change is necessary. If there are any problems opening the lock, the lock can be easily opened with a conventional key, as the cylinder is not changed during installation. In addition, the door handle is designed so that the batteries can be easily replaced on the access side. An emergency key for mechanically opening the door handle is also included in the delivery.

Opening options
The smart handle max can be opened from close proximity using a mobile phone app, electronic keys (eKey), fingerprint, or code. It also has two emergency keys with which the door handle can be opened by hand.

Smart solution for small businesses
With the unlimited delivery of electronic keys, 120 fingerprints and 150 numeric codes, this product is ideal for use in companies, in hotels to secure manipulation rooms or even clubs and private households that are looking for a smart keyless option to manage access authorizations at the touch of a button.

Our door handles are incredibly easy to retrofit - without any additional drilling. The required 38 mm are usually already there. An upgrade without any effort or technical know-how. For doors with a width of more than 63 mm, our customer service will be happy to provide you with a longer square to order as an option.

Will it fit my door?
For interior doors with a thickness of 40 - 63 mm. For wider doors, you can optionally order a longer square (up to 73 mm door width) through our customer service. We strongly recommend that you measure your door before purchasing to ensure that the door handle fits.

With protection class IP44, this door handle offers solid protection against the ingress of foreign bodies and splash water. This protection class means that the cylinder is sufficiently protected to be used in environments where it could come into contact with splash water, such as indoors or in damp rooms. This ensures that the cylinder's electronic components function reliably and long-term use is guaranteed. We recommend installing the door handle only indoors.

More flexibility with the sorex netGateway
With the sorex netGateway you can conveniently open and manage your door remotely using the app. It is installed near the door lock. It can be managed using the sorex smartlock app. You never have to be on site to access your door again.

Convenient access via remote door opener
With the remote door opener you can open your door at the touch of a button from a range of up to ~10 meters using Bluetooth technology. The remote control is managed in the sorex smartlock app.

Alarm system through door sensor
Thanks to the sorex door sensor, your door handle becomes a reliable alarm system. An app sends a notification to your cell phone if the door is not locked. The door sensor is managed via the sorex smartlock app. The sorex netGateway is required for this.

Item number BP103000
EAN 0685717261212
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C
IP protection class IP44
Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmission power 100mW
Power supply 4x AAA batteries
Emergency power supply 5V, Micro USB
Number of media 120 fingerprints
150 number codes
unlimited eKeys
Humidity range 10% - 90%
Door thickness 40 - 63mm
Extension up to 72 mm possible
Storage of access media Permanent (even when changing batteries)
Dimensions Article width: 60 mm (rosette)
Item length: door handle 146 mm
Door handle including rosette 154 mm
Item height: door handle 53.5 mm
Door handle including rosette 69 mm
Weight Total item weight: 1392 g
Net item weight: door handle 882 g
Door handle including rosettes 976 g

Door rosette with PZ hole, 8mm square, cover for inside, door handle - outside part, door handle - inside part, 4x screw adapter, 2x screws for door handle assembly, 2x screws for rosette assembly, screw for fastening the cover, Allen key (for fastening the cover), needle for reset button, 2x emergency keys