smart pad max pro

smart pad max pro

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Product Check

  • Secure access

    Open doors smartly and save yourself the stress of searching for and losing keys. Access control included.

  • No new training

    Power failure? No problem! All media remains safe even in the event of a power failure.

  • Protection against splash water

    The protection class IP44 offers solid protection against the ingress of foreign bodies and splash water.

  • One system for different doors

    For convenient control of revolving doors, door openers, gates and barriers.

  • Clever access control via app

    Manage your access control easily via app! Manage users, rights and protocols without limits.

Product benefits? Or perfect for whom?
No matter whether it is a large office or residential complex, holiday homes or hotels or your own home. The smart Unilock can be used individually and offers extensive options that make life easier. It also has an open API and can therefore be integrated into your own building technology with little programming effort. It is also compatible with TT Hotel Software. Opening media such as key cards can also operate several smart access technologies from sorex.

For doors, gates, revolving or sliding doors and barriers
Our smart wall reader offers versatile application possibilities for doors, gates, revolving and sliding doors as well as barriers. It can be conveniently opened using a mobile phone app, fingerprint, code or RFID technology. Benefit from increased security, improved comfort and efficient administration - ideal for modern hotels that focus on innovation and quality.

Opening options
The wired sorex smart pad max pro offers various options for locking and unlocking doors: via mobile phone app, RFID media, numeric code directly on the device or via fingerprint. Even in the event of a power failure, all access data is saved and does not need to be set up again.

Compatible with TT hotel software
The smart pad max pro is compatible with the TT Hotel software and offers many advantages. It increases security through central management of access rights, increases guest comfort through flexible opening methods and improves energy efficiency. It also enables efficient management and analysis of access data, which improves the guest experience and saves costs in the long term.

The initial configuration is completed in 10 minutes. The simple and quick installation makes it ideal for retrofitting entrance doors, barriers or offices. Since the product also needs to be wired accordingly, we recommend having it installed by professionals.

More flexibility with the sorex netGateway
With the sorex netGateway you can conveniently open and manage your door remotely using the app. It is installed near the door lock. It can be managed using the sorex smartlock app.

RFID opening options
RFID opening media in the form of cards, chips or key fobs perfectly complement our smart door lock. These practical and secure access solutions offer flexibility and convenience. They are managed via an app and can therefore be easily deactivated if lost.

RFID Writer
The smart WiFi card programming device enables the creation of RFID media via the PC. The device only needs to be connected to the PC via USB. Of course, sorex also offers RFID chips or key chains for your door handle.

Item number WT102020
EAN 0685717261250
Humidity range 15%RH-90%RH
Frequency 2.4GHz
IP protection class IP44
Temperature range -20° to 60°C
Power supply 12V DC, min 0.5A
Effective power consumption in idle mode 15mA
Power consumption 1A
Storage of access media Permanent (even when changing batteries)
Number of media 200 RFID media
150 number codes
100 fingerprints
unlimited eKeys
Size Article width: 79 mm
Item length: 125 mm
Item height: 15 mm
Weight Total item weight: 526 g
Net item weight: Wall reader including mounting plate 389 g

Wall reader, mounting plate, screws x 4+1