netGateway wifi

netGateway wifi

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Product Check

  • Full control from a distance

    Using netGateway, you can open the door remotely and change all permissions with immediate effect.

  • Easy installed

    Simply connect it within range of the door and connect it to the WiFi and Sorex product via the app.

  • One app for everything

    The sorex netGateway wifi is managed in the sorex smartLock app.

Product description
With the sorex netGateway wifi you can open and manage your door lock from anywhere using the app. Installation is child's play: simply plug the sorex netGateway into a power socket within Bluetooth range (range approx. 5m - 10m depending on shielding) of your door lock. With the sorex smartLock app for iOS and/or Android you can connect the sorex netGateway to the local WiFi in seconds and you can then unlock your lock from anywhere. You can also manage your locks using our web interface: sorex smartLock Web. You can find more information in the operating instructions.

Item number WG101000
EAN 0685717261373
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power supply Type-C USB
Power supply DC 5V/500mA
IP protection class IP44
Dimensions Article width: 70 mm
Item length: 70 mm
Item height: 25 mm
Weight Total item weight: 157 g
Net item weight: 70 g

1x USB-c charging cable