RFID writer

RFID writer

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  • Access cards via PC

    Using an RFID writer, access cards can also be created via PC.

  • USB interface

    The device is connected to the computer via USB and is immediately ready for use.

Product description
With the sorex RFID writer you can program RFID media directly at the reception or on your home PC. Simply connect the programming device to the PC via USB and you can write to your RFID media. To do this, the device only needs to be connected to the PC via USB. Of course, sorex also offers RFID chips or key chains for your door handle.

Item number WK101000
EAN 0049438187471
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power supply 4V - 12V DC
Dimensions Article width: 70 mm
Item length: 70 mm
Item height: 25 mm
Weight Total item weight: 153 g
Net item weight: Card reader: 60 g
Cable: 40 g
Card reader including cable: 100 g

1x USB-c charging cable