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Applied Research and Development

We develop technical solutions for renowned companies.  This experience is incorporated into the development of our SOREX product lines, which we offer to the entire market as self-marketing branded products.

The comparison makes you sure!

We do not shy away from comparison with other products and providers of electronic locking cylinders.  Inform yourself about the product features, quality criteria and the price-performance ratio.

Many advantages under the name SOREX

Highest quality in the material and in the processing as well as continuous quality assurance guarantee our customers high reliability and safety of our products.

SOREX electronic locking cylinders and locking systems

Our electronic locking cylinders are not only characterized as innovative products – we attach great importance to high quality in the design of the products and in the material. Therefore, we can afford to offer our customers high warranty. Highest quality and quality assurance in the material and processing guarantee our customers reliability and safety. Our electronic locking cylinders are made of high quality stainless steel and manufactured with the highest precision. This makes our cylinder safe, robust and durable.


Compare for yourself

We do not shy away from comparison with other products and providers of electronic locking cylinders. Find out about the product features, quality criteria and the price-performance ratio on the Internet. We do not have a comparable supplier of electronic locking cylinders despite the large number of products offered internationally. This encourages us on our way to high quality and to offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Many satisfied customers throughout Europe confirm this. Electronic locking cylinders and locking systems from SOREX represent a cost-effective alternative in the field of high-quality branded products.


How to find the right product

We have described the products and features very precisely for you. You can use the product features to quickly find out which product is right for you. You make the choice according to the following criteria:

  • sorex_icon_rfid_card sorex_icon_zahlencode sorex_icon_fingerprintsorex_icon_handy
    Preferred opening medium (card, key fob, code, mobile phone)
  • sorex_icon_500_benutzer
    Number of users
  •   Door retrofitting

    Retrofitting of doors

  •   Self-assembly

    Self-assembly – the assembly is very simple and can be done easily and quickly by yourself

  •   Professional installation

    Professional installation – the assembly requires specialized knowledge (eg for power and network connection) of the product


Details about the products …

Electronic locking cylinders, locking systems, and detailed information can be found directly in the product presentations and in the online shop. The products are also grouped according to important selection criteria of the customers, such as media and type of installation, so that they can specifically compare the products in question based on your requirements. We provide information about the exact scope of delivery, specific product features and configuration options. We offer comprehensive assistance in measuring distances (for choosing the right variants) and for mounting the SOREX SMART locking cylinders.


Further Information

Please also inform yourself about the delivery times, terms of delivery, and the terms and conditions. Transparency is important to us, we want to inform you comprehensively.


We will continue to develop. Help us!

We are an innovative company and develop our products with a lot of commitment and experience. The feedback from our customers help us to improve the products and were already an important source of ideas for new developments.

This should also apply to our communication and our new internet presentation. So give us feedback on how you like our new website, what you like, but also what you dislike or miss.


sorex_qualitaetSOREX Quality


Highest quality of material and processing




2 year manufacturer warranty*


Voluntarily, without extra costs




sorex_geld30 day money back guarantee*


We will return your money within 30 days of order without stating reasons. The condition: The goods must be returned in proper condition and in the original packaging. 
All products excl. Software and service.




Robust longevity


Our products are characterized by robustness and longevity. High-quality materials and careful processing as well as quality assurance and innovation are the basis for these outstanding product features.






austria-a_bigMade in Austria


Know-how from Austria







Patented solutionoesterreichisches_patentam


Our developments are protected by patent, among other things. This protection documents the special feature and innovative features of SOREX locking systems.





Mounted in 5 minutes. EASY, FAST, RELIABLE 
The SOREX SMART locking cylinder is so easy to assemble that anyone can get it done with the right tool. You’ll see.




Partner companies for installation


Find a partner company of SOREX in your area.




Cost efficient


Low installation costs, low operating costs




Best price guaranteed


SOREX quality at the best price here in the SOREX shop




Free delivery on orders over € 600


From a certain value of your order we take over the costs for shipping.
In Austria from € 600
In Europe € 600
Worldwide € 1000


Safe shop


We attach great importance to your safety and the security of your data. 
For this reason, we carry an SSL security certificate on the entire Internet presentation, online shop, and all data exchange is encrypted from the start and cannot be seen.


Safe shopping
Safe payment


We offer secure payment processing in the shop of your choice (see Amazon). You can pay with your a. Paypal account,  b. Credit card with the Paypal interface (even without your own Paypal account) or with your c. own online banking . With methods a. and b. we immediately confirm the order.  With method c. we wait for the receipt of the amount, and then send you your products. This approach is cost optimized and make lower consumer prices possible.






the applicable warranties and terms of warranty can be found in the relevant product descriptions and explanations

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