SOREX locking systems with RFID cards

Contactless and comfortable door opening with RFID media such as cards or key-fobs.


Easy to retrofit, battery-operated rotary knob cylinder for unlocking the door with numeric code and RFID media

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SOREX Digital Cylinder SMART

The perfect digital door opening system for small businesses and homes

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SOREX ELectronic handle SMART

The ideal, cost-effective solution for offices, restaurants, and hotels

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SOREX electronic handle SMART with numeric code

The locking system all-rounder for comfortable and secure access control

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SOREX MultiAccess 5.0

Tailored access management system solutions for industry, commerce and public spaces.

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SOREX wireless Key 4.0

Modern and flexible access control for your company, incl. Bluetooth, RFID and LAN Interface.

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Flexible locking systems

The SOREX locking systems we recommend for retrofitting doors are characterized by a very simple installation.  This makes it even possible for self-assembly of the locks, if the appropriate tools are available.  This saves you the costs of assembly and installation by a company.  Even for companies with a higher number of locks, the products are very attractive because the assembly does not incur any additional external costs.

RFID cards also for time recording

The handling of these products in daily operations is effortless.  This advantage represents the core benefit of these products.  Also the configuration of the cards by “learning” or management software for the efficient management of access authorizations (with a high number of locks and / or media) is extremely simple and efficient.  We emphasize great importance of the ease of use and the satisfaction of our customers proves us right.

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