SOREX locking system with fingerprint

Your fingerprint opens doors without keys or additional media.

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Fingerprint door opener

Easy door opening with fingerprint.  No forgotten keys!

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SOREX FLEX Fingerprint Cylinder

Easy to retrofit, battery-operated rotary knob cylinder for unlocking the door with fingerprint

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Fingerprint: You always have your access authorization!

With this advanced SOREX locking system, you unlock the door conveniently and quickly with a fingerprint without the need for another opening medium.  Programming is done simply by scanning your impression.  The first three captured fingerprints are automatically the master prints that are important for storing and deleting other permissions.  Up to a maximum of 150 fingerprints can be managed.  If a master finger is dragged over the scanner three times in a row, all authorizations are deleted and the product is reset to factory settings.  The loss or theft of an opening medium is completely out of the question with this electronic door opening system, because you always have your “key” with you and this saves time and money.

Can be combined with all electric door opening systems.

This innovative SOREX locking system can be combined with any electronic lock because it is compatible with all standard motorized locks and electronic openers.  Thus, the SOREX Fingerprint Door Opener is ideal both for a new building as well as for retrofitting.  This outstanding advantage makes it particularly attractive for private and small business owners who already have an electrical locking system and strive for more safety and comfort.

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