SOREX WiFi Gateway


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  • Open your door on the go using the App
  • No assembly required, installation is done immediately
  • Keyless


A perfect complement to SOREX FLEX Bluetooth Door Handle with Fingerprint! With the SOREX WiFi Gateway you can open your door from anywhere simply by using the App.


SOREX WiFi Gateway for remote opening of SOREX FLEX Bluetooth Door Handle with Fingerprint

With SOREX WiFi Gateway¬†you can easily open your¬†SOREX FLEX Bluetooth Door Handle with Fingerprint¬†from anywhere using the App.¬†Installation is a child’s play: simply plug SOREX WiFi Gateway into a power socket within¬†Bluetooth-range¬†(depending on protective barriers, approx. 5m – 10m) to the SOREX FLEX Bluetooth Door Handle with Fingerprint¬†. Making use of iOS¬†or¬†Android¬†App the SOREX WiFi Gateway can be connected to the local WLAN within seconds and you already can control your door handle no matter where you are.



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