SOREX FLEX Fingerprint & RFID Cylinder (length adjustable)

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      • Quick & easy installation
      • Keyless – ideal for children
      • Fits every door
      • Unlocking with Fingerprint or RFID card



  • Possibility to program up to 999 Fingerprints and 20 RFID Media at the same time
  • Easy to retrofit – max. 5 min per Door!
  • Ultra-modern cylinder
  • Easy Unlocking – also ideal for Kids
  • Easy installation
  • With VARTA quality batteries


Don’t be afraid of empty batteries

SOREX FLEX Door Locks guarantee a battery life of approx. 1 year with included VARTA batteries (depending on the frequency of use). With a remaining capacity of 100 door openings, the FLEX lock gives acoustic signals as a reminder for the upcoming battery change. Should there be no charge left you still will be able to change the batteries from the outside.The batteries must be replaced with a special wrench included in the items delivered – they are not accessible to any thieves!

Secure access is therefore guaranteed.

In the unlikely event of malfunction

SOREX FLEX products are designed for maximum reliability and robustness. Should there ever be a malfunction of fingerprint feature, cylinder can still be unlocked with the separately available FLEX RFID Media.


Product presentation


Battery Operated Rotary Knob Cylinder with Fingerprint and RFID Media

The battery-operated SOREX FLEX Fingerprint and RFID Cylinder enables doors to be locked and unlocked using Fingerprint and RFID Card. RFID cards und RFID fobs. For installation it is necessary to replace only the existing key cylinder, what makes it ideal for retrofitting existing doors. The cylinder can be adjusted to different door sizes, which means it can be reused. After your Fingerprint has been scanned or RFID Media is held directly to the door knob, the rotary knob is released.

NEW!!! Now also available for installation from inside (for doors with pull protection, spike plate etc.)

Attention! We recommend a minimum distance of 4 cm between the door frame and the center of the keyhole.


Technical Facts 

  • Amount of opening tools: 999 Fingerprints and 20 RFID media
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  • Battery for electric knob: 3 x AAA 1,5 volt
  • Battery life: approx. 1 year
  • Protection class: IP 44
  • Dimensions: Diameter of the knobs: outer 46 mm, inner 36 mm; length: outer 53 mm, inner 55 mm
  • Cylinder length: adjustable outer 40 – 60mm / inner 30 – 65mm
  • Color/Material: brushed stainless steel



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Items delivered

  • 1 SOREX FLEX Fingerprint & RFID Cylinder
  • 3 x AAA batteries (service approx. 4.000 openings)
  • Brief instructions and Setup manual