Social distancing with SOREX

Currently coronavirus affects our everyday life. In order to protect ourselves and prevent further spreading, we have to keep a safe distance, both privately and at workplace.

The SOREX lock systems will help you maintain a safe distance between you and your guests, employees or postmen. On this page you will find useful solutions that will make your everyday life easier and help you to protect yourself and your close ones during Corona crisis.

Stay healthy and safe…



  • See who is at the door at any time

  • Give instructions

With the SOREX WiFi Video Door Bell 2.0 you can always see who is at the door directly on your smartphone and you may, for instance, ask a postman to leave your delivery at a safe distance - without having to open the door.

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  • Remote unlocking from up to 10-meter distance

  • Install by yourself in 5 min

Should your relatives bring the groceries to your house, you can also open the door without getting too close. With the SOREX FLEX Fingerprint Cylinder for Remote Unlocking and the associated SOREX FLEX Remote Control, both the house residents and their relatives can open the door at 10 meter distance.

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  • Unlocking, user administration and access logging via Smartphone

  • Easy self installation

The all-rounder for home or office. With the SOREX FLEX Bluetooth Door Handle with Fingerprint your housekeeper can be given access on certain days and times, so that you don’t have to be there at all - and that's just one of many possible scenarios how the product can be used.

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  • Unlocking, user administration and access logging via Smartphone

  • Easy self-installation

The ideal lock for your own home and small business: quick and easy to install, child's play to use.

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