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Electronic Door Locks & Innovative Locking Systems

SOREX has the perfect solution for your individual needs – We would like to open doors for you!

Numerical code

Open by entering a numerical code on the keypad, keyboard, or mobile phone.


Contactless, comfortable opening of doors through RFID media (card or key fob).


Your fingerprint opens doors without keys or additional media.


Open doors with your mobile phone.  Better than NFC.  Our system also works with iPhones!

Number Code & RFID Cylinder

The ideal lock for your home and small business:  Quick and easy to install, easy to handle.

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Fingerprint Cylinder

Flexibility, safety and easy installation in almost every door thanks to infinitely variable-length installation.

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Digital Cylinder SMART

The SOREX Digital Cylinder SMART enables the retrofitting of a door with an electronic access system in the shortest possible time.

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MultiAccess 5.0

Professional system solutions for demanding and precise access management.

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Innovation offers comfort

Digital locking systems from SOREX and an electronic SOREX door lock offer a high level of comfort.  No more mechanical keys are needed and depending on the opening medium the doors are unlocked with access card (20mm), fingerprint, code entry or via mere approach (Bluetooth mobile phone authentication).  An electronic door lock offers in everyday life decisive comfort advantages over mechnical locks.  A)  There is no need for mechanical unlocking and B) almost any number of locks can be operated with one medium (e.g. RFID card).  Therefore only a single access card is necessary, even if the access rights are very diverse.  They gain time, have their hands free, and only need a single opening medium.

I look forward to your visit and hope that we can inspire you with our products.  Our locking systems are the best proof that innovative products can be beautiful too.  As with our products, we strive for perfection with our website.  Please give us feedback or express your wishes and criticism, ask questions or give us praise.

Christian Csank
Managing Director SOREX

The perfect access control for our premises!

DI Dr Roland Kuras
GF Power Solution, www.power-solution.eu

We have been selling Sorex Wireless Solutions in Italy for the last two years. The wide range of products and services is suitable both for the family and corporate markets. All hardware and software solutions offer a high level of security and reliability which are the result of the adoption of the most advanced Wireless and Bluetooth technologies, and the continuous improvements of electromechanical components. Sorex systems are easy to install and user friendly to manage. Last, but not least, the modern design of the Door and Phone Code keyboards and the smooth style of the WirelessKey are really appreciated by our customers.

Enzo Zanchetta

Distributor Italy

We have a whole range of products like SMART Cylinder, Door Phone & Code, and WirelessKey from SOREX in use and are happy to make a recommendation for the company.  The expert advice was excellent, the implementation was simple and inexpensive, and the products inspire us the most everyday.

Ing. Norbert Kasper